Code of Practice

Code of Practice


  1. This code of practice provides the basis for good practice in marketing, operation, administration of education and training services by Australia Christian College. More information about the policies and practices of ACC are noted in the student handbook and staff manual.
  2. For the purpose of this code, students refer to any person participating in education or training delivered by Australia Christian college.


Provision of Training and Assessment Services

  1. Our organization has policies and management practices that maintain high professional standards in the delivery of training and assessment services, which safeguard the interests and welfare of students.
  2. Our organization maintains a learning environment that is conducive to the success of students.
  3. Our organization has the capacity to deliver and assess the vocational qualifications for which has been registered, provide adequate facilities and use methods and materials appropriate for the learning and assessment needs of the students.
  4. Our organization monitors and assesses the performance and progress of the students.
  5. Our organization ensures that teaching staff are not only suitably qualified but are also sensitive to the cultural and learning needs of students.
  6. Our organization ensures that assessments are conducted in a manner that meets the approved standards.
  7. Our organization is committed to access and equity principle and process in the delivery of its services. Students are given information prior to enrolment and orientation procedure.
  8. Our organization will conduct an internal audit of its policies and procedures, at least once a year, to comply with the standards for NVR (National VET Registrar) of the VET Quality Framework.
  9. Our organization undertakes to implement risk management procedures to identify and manage risks concerned with compliance with the NVR standards and to correct and prevent any failure to comply with our quality system, policies and procedures.


Issuance of Qualification

  1. Our organization issues qualifications and statements of attainment to students who meet the required outcomes of a qualification or unit of competency, in accordance with all appropriate National Guidelines. Our organization acknowledges that qualifications are nationally recognized.
  2. Our organization uses a proper logo (National Recognized Training) when issuing qualifications and statements of attainment within the scope.


Marketing of Training and Assessment Services

  1. Our organization markets and advertises its products and services in an ethical manner.
  2. Our organization gains written permission from a student before using information about an individual or organization in any marketing materials.
  3. Our organization accurately represents recognized training products and services to prospective students.
  4. Our organization ensures students are provided with full details of any contract arrangements with the organization. No false or misleading comparisons are drawn with any other training organization or qualification.


Financial Standards

  1. Our organization has measures in place to ensure that students receive a refund of fees for services not provided.
  2. Our organization ensures that the contractual and financial relationship between the student and the organization is fully and properly documented and that copies of the documentation are made available to the students.




  1. Our organization conducts recruitment of students at all times, in an ethical and responsible manner including assessing the educational background of students.


Provision of Information

  1. Our organization supplies accurate, relevant and up to date information to Prospective students covering but not limited to:
  • Code of Practice of the Organization
  • Accreditation status of the course
  • Entry requirements
  • Recognition of prior learning requirements
  • Commencement dates and duration,course contents.
  • Certification to be issued on completion or partial completion of the course of study
  • Requirements to achieve the qualification and certification
  • Articulation of the course with other training
  • Policies on assessment, grading, reassessment
  • Course fees including refund policy
  • Complaints and appeals procedures
  • Rights and responsibilities of student and provider
  • Conditions under which tuition may be terminated
  • Student support
  • Flexible learning and assessment procedures
  • Staff responsibilities for access and equity




Support Services 


  1. Our organization provides adequate protection for the health, safety and welfare of students and, without limiting the ordinary meaning of such expression, this includes adequate, and appropriate support services in terms of academic and personal counseling.


Appeals Mechanism

  1.  Our organization ensures that students have access to a fair and equitable process for dealing with complaints, and provides an avenue for students to appeal against decisions, which affect the students’ process.
  2. For this purpose our organization has a complaints policy and appropriate operational mechanisms which are made known to students at the time of enrolment.
  3. Where a complaint cannot be resolved internally, our organization advises the student of the appropriate body where they can seek further assistance. All appeals and complaints are documented.


Record keeping

  1. Our organization keeps complete and accurate records of the attendance, and the progress of students, as well as financial records that reflect all payments and charges and the balance due.
  2. Students have access to all their personal records. ACC provides copies of the records when no other confidentiality agreement would be breached.



Quality Control


  1. Our organization seeks students’ satisfaction feedback and undertakes to improve its services in accordance with that feedback. This is done by student feedback, course review and the trainers’ evaluation. All feedback is collated and analyzed by ACC and options will be developed to address any concerns raised.

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