Students are given pre-enrolment information that states the total amount of all fees associated with the training and assessment being provided and includes details on payment terms. They can get the information from website and enrolment form as well. The student handbook also provides information on fees and refunds. Students are not required to pay fees all up front but at the completion of training.

The following is the current fee policy. It may be changed in the following year.

All course fees are paid directly to the national office. ACC has a trust account to protect students who pay fees in advance.

Item Amount Condition
Application fee $200 Non- refundable
Certificate IV $8,000 for a year Full time
$2,000 for each terms
Diploma $8,000 for a year Full time
$4,900 for each semesters
$2,000 for each terms
graduate diploma $9,800 for a year Full time
$4,900 for each semesters
$2,450 for each terms
Late fee 5% of term fee
Refund Policy
Withdrawal before the course starts 100%
First day of seminar of the term 50%
Second day of seminar of the term 30%
The third day of seminar of the term 10%
Two weeks later since the term starts 0%
Administration fee
Late assignment $ 65 per assignment
Certificate issue $ 30
Late withdrawal $ 65
Additional fees that may apply for purchasing books $50 per unit



When students withdraw the course, they must discuss the matter with their tutors and they need to fill out the “Form of withdrawal” and submit it to their trainers/tutors. The date of withdrawal is the date by which the written notification is received by ACC main office.
The withdrawal form should be submitted before the next term starting day.

Refund Policy and Procedure (FEE-HELP)


This policy and procedure complies the requirements under the Higher Education Support  Act 2003(HESA),(Schedule 1) and Chapters 7 and 8 of the VET Provider Guidelines. Under the HESA, students do not incur a liability for a VET unit of study until after the census date. The census date cannot be set earlier than 20% of the way through a unit of study.

This policy and procedure should be read in conjunction with Refund Policy which can be found in the Student Handbook, website and Student Application Form where students are required to sign off on refund arrangements prior to enrolment.

This refund policy and procedure does not remove the right of the student to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws. In addition, a student may commence legal proceedings relating to any dispute arising from this refund policy at any time where that student believes it is reasonable to do so to seek urgent relief.

This policy and procedure is to be explained as part of the policies and procedures covered during induction.


This policy applies to all students who are FEE-HELP enrolled, and the staff who administer refunds.

This policy sets out the principles for refunds of tuition fees for student’s coverings the refund requirements for the following student situations and refund types:

  • Domestic students and offshore students who meet the eligibility requirements
  • Commonwealth Supported Students – FEE HELP Assistance Scheme

Policy statement

 The Australia Christian College (The College) will ensure that it:

  • treats all students in a fair and equitable manner
  • maintains accurate records regarding fee payments and refunds
  • processes refunds in accordance with the rules set out for Gvernment Funded courses or FEE-HELP Guidelines
  • publishes this policy and other information relation to fees, refund entitlements or restrictions on the College’s website and in enrolment forms such as the student Application Form
  • publishes the census dates by 1 April for units with a census date in the same year between 1July and 31 December, and 1 October for units with a census date in the same year between 1  January and 30  June in that year


  1. The College recognizes that there may be circumstances that warrant a refund of tuition fees collected by the College.
  2. Partial or full refunds will be given where a student has paid a tuition fee deposit or paid tuition fees, and then withdraws from the program and/or course/s prior to the relevant census dates.
  3. Where ACC is unable to provide agreed services ACC will make a refund to students in accordance with relevant Commonwealth and State legislation .
  4. 4. For the purposes of determining whether a refund is given, the date of withdrawal from a course is the date on which the College receives written notification of withdrawal (use ACC withdrawal form).
  5. Census dates for courses can be viewed on the website (see the schedule of VET tuition fees and census dates) to ensure current and prospective students have publicly available up-to-date and accurate information.

Domestic students and off shore students

  1. A student who voluntarily withdraws from a course before the course census date will not incur a tuition fee liability for the course from which they have withdrawn and will be eligible for a full refund of tuition fees paid.
  2. A student who withdraws from a course after the course census date will incur a tuition fee liability for the course and is not entitled to a refund, except in special circumstances (see Special Circumstances below).


Commonwealth Supported Students -FEE-HELP Assistance Scheme

  1. This refund policy applies to all students who are entitled to FEE-HELP assistance, even if they choose not to access it
  2. To be entitled to FEE -HELP assistance a person must be an Australian citizen or holder of a permanent humanitarian visa who will be resident in Australia for the duration of their VET units of study.
  3. ACC will repay to a student any upfront VET payment of his or her VET tuition fee for a VET unit of study that the person made on or before the census date for the VET unit of study if the student is no longer enrolled in the VET unit of study at the end of the census date.
  4.  The obligation on ACC to repay to a student arises immediately upon the person ceasing to be enrolled in the VET unit of study,  ACC does not require a student to apply for the repayment.
  5. Paragraph 10, 11 does not apply if:

    a) The student is no longer enrolled in the VET unit of study at the end of the census date because the ACC has ceased to provide the VET unit of study as a result of ceasing to provide the VET course of study of which the VET unit of study formed part; and

    b) the VET tuition assurance requirements applied to the ACC at the time the VET provider ceased to provide the VET unit of study; and

    c) the Student chose the option designated under those requirements as VET course assurance in relation to the VET unit of study.


  6. If a student withdraws from course/s before the relevant course/s census date(s), the student will not incur FEE-HELP debt.
  7. Where a student withdraws from a course after the relevant course census date, a tuition fee is not entitled to a refund.
  8. If census date falls on a weekend, the previous working day will be taken as the census date for that particular semester/session.
  9. If the withdrawal is made because of special circumstances after a course census date, the student may be eligible for a remission of the FEE-HELP debt for the course/s.
  10. For a remission of the Fee-HELP debt because of special circumstances see the ‘Student Review for Re-credit of FEE-HELP after the census date’ on the website.
  11. Special circumstances are defined as:
  •  beyond the person’s control

( the situation which is not due to the person’s action or inaction, either direct or indirect and for which the person is not responsible)

  • do not make their full impact on the person until on or after the census date for the unit of study in question;
  • make it impracticable for the person to complete the requirements for the unit in the period during which the person undertook, or was to undertake, the unit.
  • Special circumstances may include:

a. Medical circumstances where a student’s medical condition has changed to such   an extent that he or she is unable to continue studying; or

b. Family/Personal circumstances: death or severe medical problems within a family, or unforeseen family financial difficulties, so that it is unreasonable to expect a student to continue studies; or

c. Employment related circumstances: where a person’s employment status or arrangements have changed so that the person is unable to continue his or her studies, and this change is beyond his/her control


Information on how students may appeal a refund decision in writing is found in the Grievance Policy located on the College website.


The College complies with the privacy principles set out in the Privacy ACT 1988, when handling personal information

Related Policies and Procedures

This refund policy and procedure is also noted in the following ACC documents:

  • Student handbook
  • Operational manual
  • ACC website (
  • Student Enrolment Application

Refund Policy and Procedure ( FEE-HELP)