Overseas Student Application and Enrolment Procedures


Overseas Student Application and Enrolment Procedures

  1. Carefully read through the overseas student program package ( including the ESOS framework at: https://internationaleducation.gov.au/Regulatory-Information/Pages/Regulatoryinformation.aspx)
  2. Read through the admission terms and conditions.
  3. Check the course fee and refund policy.
  4. Check the school starting date. (To adapt to Australia’s lifestyle it is recommended for students to come a little earlier. You can find more information on Australia’s lifestyle at http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/)
  5. Prepare three passport sized pictures
  6. Fill out the application form without leaving any blanks. (you can download from the website)
  7. After filling out the application form look through the list to make sure nothing is left out.
  8. Make sure your signature and name is written at the end.
  9. If students want to do credit transfer or to apply for the Recognition of Prior Learning, please enquire to the ACC and apply for a RPL.
  10. Keep an extra copy of the application form (Its best to keep it scanned).
  11. Completed application forms should be sent by mail to the ACC’s office.
  12. Those who want a quicker process may send a scan copy first, however the hard copy must be sent too.
  13. Students must submit the application form with application fees first.
  14. When the application is accepted successfully, the ACC will send the letter of offer and a student written agreement to the student.
  15. If a student agrees to the contents of the Letter of Offer and Student Written Agreement, the student will need to fill out and sign on the all pages and send the Student Written Agreement with their medical insurance certificate and first semester school fees to the ACC head office.
  16. Finally the ACC office will issue the CoE (Confirmation for Enrolment) needed for the overseas student visa application when the ACC office has received all required documents.
  17. Students will need to have a copy of CoE , written agreement, medical insurance certificate and overseas student program package documents.

The students visa can be issued with this CoE. You can apply the students visa via agencies or by yourself according to contents of the overseas’s student package.

Getting the students visa the students are supposed to notice it to the school office and enter to Australia before the starting of the course you applied to.