Bachelor of Christian Studies 基督教心里咨询学士学位

Bachelor of Christian Studies

ACC has partnered with MST, an affiliated college of the  Australian College of Theology。ACC与澳大利亚神学院附属学院MST合作。

3 Years  Full Time 3年全日制

96 Credit Points 96学分

Fee –Help, Payments Centrelink Approved (Austudy)费用-帮助,付款CENTLILink批准(Aube)

9 Max Years Part Time 兼职时间最多不超过9年

Blended /OnlineCourse (From year 2018)混合/在线课程(2018年开始)

Rationale 基本原理

Introduces students to the sources and content of the Christian story and message, and provides training which emphasises application of this story to life in the world, including professional and vocational life.


The course will be based on the disciplines by which knowledge of God is developed and articulated in two main fields:


  • Bible & Languages圣经与语言 (LA, OT, NT, BB)
  • Christian Thought & History基督教思想与历史 (TH, CH, PE)

It will also provide an approach to synthesising this understanding with particular occupational and/or life interests in ‘integrated studies’ (IN).


Through elective units students can通过选修课程学生可以

  • Develop foundational understanding in the Bible and Christian Thought & History在圣经和基督教思想与历史中提高基础理解
  • Develop particular practical Counselling skills in the Ministry & Practice在服侍和实践中培养特殊的实用辅导技能

Course Structure 课程结构

96 credit points over 3 years 96学分 三年以上 (F/T)

Common Core 公共核心课程

  • Old Testament 旧约全书(OT301 & OT302): 8 cps
  • New Testament 新约全书(NT301 & NT302): 8 cps
  • Church History 教会历史(CH301, CH302 or CH305): 4 cps
  • Theology神学 (TH401 – TH404): 4 cps

Primary Course Discipline 基本课程规则

  • Old Testament and/or New Testament exegesis旧约全书和/或新约全书注解: 8 cps
  • Church History and/or Theology教会历史和/或神学: 8 cps
  • Independent study that relates to the student’s non-theological area of study to the Christian faith (IN490)与学生的非神学研究领域相关的独立研究与基督教信仰: 4 cps

Credit Electives 选修课程

  • Elective units, including a maximum of 8 cps Type B Electives (if offered)
    选修单元,包括最多8 cps B类选修课(如果提供): 20 cps

Non-Theological Study (Counselling)非神学研究(咨询)

  • At least one year F/T equivalent of degree level study at an Australian University in a non-theological field of which at least 75% must form a coherent area of study: applied as 32 cps

Units in this course are completed at 300/400 level.

至少一年F / T相当于澳大利亚大学非神学领域的学位水平研究,其中至少75%必须形成一个连贯的研究领域:应用为32 cps

Admission Requirements 入学要求

Academic Qualifications学历: Year 12 or equivalent, Year 12 students in up two 300 level units . 12年级或同等学历,12年级学生,最多2个300个单元

Mature Age Entry成人年龄: 21 years +21岁以上

Learning Outcomes 学习成果

Discipline knowledge and understanding 学科知识和理解

  1. Demonstratefunctional knowledge and understanding of ‘Christian Studies’ as an academic discipline展示作为学科的“基督教研究”的功能性知识和理解
  2. Discuss the interaction between Christian Studies and at least one other non-theological field of knowledge and understanding讨论基督教研究与至少一个其他非神学知识和理解领域之间的相互作用
  3. Apply thefunctional spiritual and ethical implications of Christian Studies and at least one other non-theological field of knowledge and understanding应用基督教研究的功能性精神和伦理含义以及至少一个其他非神学知识和理解领域

Inquiry and analysis查询和分析

  1. Collect, analyse, evaluate and synthesizerecognised scholarship in Christian Studies and other non-theological fields of knowledge and understanding in inquiry-based learning              收集,分析,评估和综合基督教研究中的认可奖学金以及基于探究的学习中的其他非神学知识和理解领域

Problem solving and integration 解决问题和整合

  1. Synthesize Christian Studies with at least one other non-theological field of knowledge and understanding
  2. Construct evidence-based perspectives onfunctional issues in Christian Studies and other non-theological fields of knowledge and understanding  by using recognized source materials and       relevant scholarly literature, evaluating alternative interpretations and drawing reasoned conclusions


  1. Presentfunctional ideas, knowledge and principles in Christian Studies and other non-theological fields of knowledge and understanding to, and engage with, different audiences using a variety of formats合成基督教研究与至少一个其他非神学知识和理解领域

Teamwork and professional practice团队合作和专业实践

  1. As leader and in groups, applyfunctional ‘Christian Studies’ understanding in formal ministry contexts, professional and vocational life, and the wider community作为领导者和团体,在正式的事工背景,职业和职业生活以及更广泛的社区中应用功能性的“基督教研究”理解。

Engagement with the world 相约世界

  1. Engage with thefunctional challenges of contemporary Christianity, society and the wider world

Continuous learning and professional development不断学习和专业提升

  1. Demonstrate a capacity for independent reflection and learning to sustain personal and professional development in Christian, professional and vocational life and ministry展示独立思考和学习的能力,以维持基督教,职业和职业生活和事工的个人和职业发展。

Fees 费用

We are following ACT tuition fee and policies.我们遵循ACT学费和政策。

Information about tuition fees, FEE-HELP, and student payments, view tuition fees.有关学费,FEE-HELP和学生付款的信息,查看学费。

Course Rules课程规则

  • Max cps per semester每学期最高: 20cps
  • A maximum of 12 cps may be taken in Type B elective unitsB型选修单元最多可以使用12cps.
  • A maximum of 16 cps may be studied in DSC mode, including no more than 8 cps in any one field of study在DSC模式下可以研修最多16cps,包括在任何一个研究领域中不超过8cps.
  • No more than 28 cps of 300 level units can be counted in a student’s course of study. Biblical language units (LA0**) are not counted as foundational level units for this requirement.在学生的学习课程中,不超过28 cps的300水平单位。圣经语言单位(LA0 **)不计入此要求的基础水平单位。

Occupational functions of graduates毕业生的职业功能

  • Assuming that the graduate completes his or her university degree, he or she could reasonably expect to become a member of a non-theological profession with well-informed knowledge of the essential content of the Christian tradition, or假设毕业生完成了他或她的大学学位,他或她可以合理地期望成为非神学专业的成员,对基督教传统的基本内容有充分的知识,或者
  • Depending on the units taken in the course, a graduate might be expected to participate as a member of a church educational, pastoral ministry team or professional Christian counsellor under the leadership of a well-qualified practitioner.根据课程中所选的单元,毕业生可以在一名合格的从业者的领导下作为教会教育,牧师事工团队或专业基督徒辅导员的成员。


*This course is a new developing course focused on counselling subjects within the structure of Bachelor Christian Studies本课程是一门新的发展课程,专注于基础研究学士学位课程内的辅导科目

This course award will be issued by ACT(Australian College of Theology) through MST (Melbourne School of Theology).该课程奖将由ACT(澳大利亚神学院)通过MST(墨尔本神学院)颁发。

ACC has partnered with MST, an affiliated college of the  Australian College of TheologyACC与澳大利亚神学院附属学院MST建立了合作关系


This course is delivered in a language other than English (Chinese)本课程提供英语以外的语言(中文)。



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