Master of Art Christian Studies 基督教艺术硕士

Master of Art Christian Studies 基督教艺术硕士

ACC has partnered with MST, an affiliated college of the  Australian College of Theology ACC与澳大利亚神学院附属学院MST建立了合作关系

2 years full time 2年全日制

64 CreditPoints 64学分

Fee Help 学费补助

8 Max Years Part Time 最多8年兼职时间

Blended/ Online Course (From year 2018)混合/在线课程(2018年开始)

Only the candidates have successfully completed the phase 1 (Graduate Diploma of Christian Studies) can enter the Phase 2 that is the Master of Arts (Christian Studies).



  • Introduces graduate students to the sources and content of the Christian story and message, and provides training which emphasises application of this story to life in the world, including professional and vocational life. It is intended to enable students to apply a Christian perspective and commitment to their life in the world, including their professional and vocational life. The course will include an introduction to the research principles and methods applicable to the specialised study of Christian Studies (Counselling).
  • The course will be based on the disciplines by which knowledge of God is developed and articulated in two main fields:这门课将以上帝的知识为基础,在两个主要领域中发展和阐明:
  • Languages and Bible 语言与圣经((LA, OT, NT, BB)
  • Christian Thought & History基督教思想与历史 (TH, CH, PE)
  • It will also provide an approach to synthesising this understanding with particular occupational and/or life interested in integrated studies.它还将提供一种方法,以综合这种理解与特定的职业和/或生活感兴趣的综合研究。
  • Through elective units students can:通过选修单元学生可以:
  • Develop understanding in the Bible and Christian Thought & History发展圣经和基督教思想和历史的理解
  • Develop practical and professional counselling skills in the Ministry & Practice 在部门和实践中培养实用和专业的咨询技能(EM, PC, DM)

Course Structure课程结构

64 credit points over 2 years64学分2年以上 (F/T)

Primary Course Discipline初级学科

Within phase one第一阶段内:

  • 8 cps from 500 level units in BB and/or OT and/or NT。BB和/或OT和/或NT中500个级别单位的8个CPS
  • 4 cps from 500 level units in CH / TH。CH/TH中500个等级单位的4个CPS
  • 4 cps from 500 level units in BB / OT / NT / TH / CH。BB/OT/NT/TH/CH中500个级别单位的4个CPS
  • 8 cps from TH and/or PE。TH和/或PE的8个CPS
  • 4 cp individual study unit (IN650). May be deferred (see below)。4 CP个体研究单位(650)。可推迟(见下文)

Within phase two: (Counselling units)第二阶段:(心里咨询单元)

  • 6 cps in units chosen from the field of Integrative Studies (IN7**)从综合研究领域中选出的6个CPS(in 7**)
  • Projec项目t: IN791 8cps (Students who deferred IN650 in the first phase of the course may choose to take IN792 12cps project) relating to student’s non-theological studies。IN791 8cps(在课程的第一阶段推迟了IN650的学生可以选择参加IN792 12cps项目)与学生的非神学研究有关。

Credit Electives 学分选修课

Within phase one第一阶段: (Counselling unit)(心里咨询单位)

  • 4 cps 600 level units 4个CPS 600级单元

Within phase two: (Counselling units) 第二阶段:(辅导单位)

  • 18 cps elective units from any unit field at 700 level。18个CPS选自700级的任何单位字段

This course relies on 32cps of units at 500/600 level, followed by 32cps of units at 700 level.这个课程依赖于500/600个级别的32个CPS单元,其次是700个级别的32个CPS单元。

Admission Requirements入学要求

Academic Qualifications学历: 3 yr non-theological undergraduate degree or equivalent.3年非神学本科学位或同等学历

Mature Age Entry学历: none无

Learning Outcomes学习成果

Discipline Knowledge and Understanding学科知识与理解

  1. Demonstrate up-to-datespecialized knowledge and understanding of ‘Christian Studies’, including the theological, spiritual and ethical implications。展示最新的专业知识和对“基督教研究”的理解,包括神学,精神和伦理方面的影响。
  2. Explain the interaction between Christian Studies and at least one other non-theological field of knowledge (Counselling) and understanding or life interest。解释基督教研究与至少一个其他非神学知识领域(咨询)和理解或生活兴趣之间的相互作用。
  3. Discuss the research principles and methods used to investigate the relationship of Christian Studies with other non-theological fields of knowledge and understanding or life interest。讨论用于调查基督教研究与其他非神学知识和理解或生活兴趣领域之间关系的研究原则和方法。

Inquiry and Analysis调查和分析

  1. Utilize and reflect uponprior knowledge and experiencein private and professional life, and use and reflect critically on specialized Christian Studies knowledge, ideas and practice。利用并反思私人和职业生活中的先前知识和经验,批判性地使用和反思专业的基督教研究知识,思想和实践。

Problem Solving and Integration问题解决与整合

  1. Synthesize Christian Studies with at least one other non-theological field of knowledge (Counselling)and understanding or life interest, usinga wider range of sources and contexts。利用至少一个其他非神学知识领域(咨询)和理解或生活兴趣,使用更广泛的资源和背景来综合基督教研究。
  2. Construct evidence based perspectives onspecialized issues in Christian Studies and other non-theological fields of knowledge and understanding from a wider range of sources and                 contexts。从更广泛的来源和背景构建基督教研究和其他非神学知识和理解领域中的特定问题的基于证据的观点。

Research 研究

  1. Plan and execute a research project by asking questions and identifying problems and using appropriate research principles and methods for relating Christian Studies with another field of         knowledge and understanding or life interest。通过提出问题和发现问题并使用适当的研究原则和方法将基督教研究与另一个知识领域和理解或生活兴趣相关联来规划和执行研究项目。

Communication 沟通

  1. Presentspecialized ideas, knowledge and principles in Christian Studies and other non-theological fields of knowledge and understanding to, and engage with, specialist and non-specialist         audiences using a variety of formats。在基督教研究和其他非神学领域的专业和非专业观众中使用各种格式呈现专业的思想,知识和原则。

Teamwork and Professional Practice团队合作和专业实践

  1. As leader and in groups, applyspecializedknowledge and  understanding of Christian Studies in formal ministry contexts and the wider community。作为领导者和团体,在正式的事工背景和更广泛的社区中应用基督教研究的专业知识和理解。

Engagement With the World与世界接触

  1. Bringenhanced professional and vocational capacity to engagement with the challenges of contemporary Christianity, society and the wider world。提高专业和职业能力以应对当代基督教、社会和更广泛世界的挑战。

Continuous Learning and Professional Development持续学习和专业发展

  1. Showreadiness for researchat a higher level in capacity for wide reading, analytical rigour and independent thinking。广泛阅读能力、分析严谨性和独立思考能力的研究准备。


We are following ACT tuition fee and policies.我们遵循ACT学费和政策。

Information about tuition fees, FEE-HELP, and student payments, view tuition fees.有关学费、助学金和学生付款的信息,查看学费 tuition fees

Course Rules课程规则

  • Max cps per semester每学期最高cps: 20
  • 600 level units with specific conditions may be taken when the pre-requisite or co-requisite or required units have been successfully completed and/or any co-requisite unit is taken concurrently.当已成功完成先决条件或共同必需或所需单元和/或同时采用任何共同必要单元时,可采取具有特定条件的600个单元。

Occupational functions of graduates毕业生的职业功能

  • Graduates of the course will normally continue in their chosen secular professions but will have the understandings and skills to integrate these with their Christian perspective and commitment,该课程的毕业生通常将继续他们选择的世俗职业,但将具备将这些与基督徒的观点和承诺相结合的理解和技能,
  • Depending on the units taken in the course, a graduate might be expected to participate as a member of a church educational pastoral ministry team, a professional Christian counsellor under the leadership of a well-qualified practitioner.根据课程中的单元,毕业生可能会作为教会教育的成员参加。

Graduate Attributes研究生属性

  • Skills in biblical exegesis, the practice of hermeneutics or interpretation, and theological reflection in such a way as to bring their theological insights to bear upon the world they face and on their roles and occupations in it,《圣经》训诂的技巧,解释学或解释学的实践,以及神学反思,以便使他们的神学见解影响他们面对的世界,以及他们在世界中的角色和职业,
  • Ability to integrate and synthesise insights gained from the student’s program of study with his or her vocational and/or life interests,能够将从学生的学习计划中获得的见解与他或她的职业和/或生活兴趣进行整合和综合,
  • Ability to investigate by means of the project the particular interface of theological study and the world of work and/or life interest of the student;通过项目调查神学研究与学生工作和/或生活兴趣的特定界面的能力;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and competence in their analysis of texts and ideas, undertake reading at greater depth and breadth than that expected of undergraduates, and show ability to read across viewpoints with understanding and to report these with empathy,展示他们分析文本和观点的知识和能力,进行比本科生预期的更深更广的阅读,展示理解并跨观点阅读和移情报道的能力,
  • Display an ability to present well-structured and coherent arguments,表现出良好的结构和连贯的论点的能力,
  • Demonstrate ability in all units undertaken to arrive at independent judgments and conclusions, and to engage in constructing their own theological world-view with attention to the deposit of faith and contemporary world-views,展示所有单位的能力,以达成独立的判断和结论,并参与构建自己的神学世界观,同时注意信仰和当代世界观的沉积,
  • Develop a critical appreciation of the historical context of Christian thought and practice and gain a critical appreciation of relevant cultural issues from a Christian perspective.发展对基督教思想和实践的历史背景的批判性鉴赏,并从基督教的角度获得对相关文化问题的批判性鉴赏。


*This course is a new developing course focused on counselling subjects within the structure of Master of Christian Studies.该课程是一门以基督教研究者结构为中心的心里咨询课程的新发展课程。

This course award will be issued by ACT(Australian College of Theology) through MST (Melbourne School of Theology).该课程奖将由澳大利亚墨尔本神学学院(ACT)颁发。

ACC has partnered with MST, an affiliated college of the  Australian College of Theology。ACC与澳大利亚神学学院附属学院MST合作。


Language语言: This course is delivered in a language other than English (Chinese).本课程以英语以外的语言传递(中文)。

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