ACC 基督学校


1. 在上帝的国度里,工作人员接受基督教世界观的训练。
2. 在社会的各个领域培养专业人士来建立上帝的王国。
3. 专注于以当地教会为中心的门徒。

Educational process

1. Maximizing creativity centered by humanities and classics.
2. Personality education including patience that enables students to achieve their goals.
3. Golf and musical instruments education for all students to build up leadership for the next generation.

Entry Requirements

Entry conditions

1. Middle school graduate or equivalent level
2. Pastor’s Reference letter and Sunday school minister
3. Filling out required forms
4. A confession of faith in Christianity


1. Students must pass the standard levels of the year’s examinations and graduation examinations to graduate
2. Students must attend the graduation trip in the second semester of year 3 to graduate


1. Through an interview process, graduating students can enter the Australian College of Christianity when they have officially graduated an ACC CA course.
2. After they complete ACC courses, they can apply for the further study courses at universities around world (including Korea).
3. Scholarship will be provided to Missionaries’ children

ACC 基督教学校结构

主任  : Dr. Song Hyun NAM
总经理 : Jee Young JUNG
学术院长 : A Ram HAN
企划经理 : Young Pyo LEE
行政院长 : Se Jung IM


  1. 人文经典课程:1~3本英文图书和5本翻译书籍
  2. 班级将由班主任运行人文经典。
  3. 班级将从星期一到星期四。(上午9:00下午16:00)
  4. 每日赞美和读圣时间(上午11:00至12:00)
  5. 每月表扬和祷告会(本月最后一个星期一)
  6. 每月运动日(本月最后一个星期三):野外课程。
  7. 午餐将在校园内提供每顿5000韩元基准(学生餐将运行)
  8. 所有学生都以打高尔夫球为科目,在小提琴、大提琴、长笛、单簧管中选择乐器,加入乐队。

The Academic Schedule

  • Semester 2 – commence on Monday after the first week of March.
  • School Breaks – commence on Monday after the first week of July
  • Semester 1 – commence on Monday after the last week of August School Break – commence on Monday after the fourth week of December

* Once a year all students need to visit a mission field.
eg. Subic in the Philippines

  • The Graduation trip in the third year (second semester) is compulsory.

Campus running

1) Korea, Subic Philippines, Canberra in Australia (future plan)
2) Exchange students experience is available


1. Each term will be ₩2,100,000 including Golf and music lessons

2. Entry fee will be charged.

3. Visiting mission fields, excursions and other trip fees will be charged.