Our Vision



Restoring and educating individuals on the Biblical truth for healthy families, churches and communities


Equipping people to be professional and effective Christian workers through the Christian education in Professional discipline and training related to families, churches and communities.


ACC is founded to provide Christian education and training in professional views of structured learning with a significant proportion of life- related learning to engage in church, or helping professions to enhance the quality offamilies, churches and communities in Australia and elsewhere.

1. Veritas (Truth)

All the courses of ACC were founded on the biblical foundation. ACC offers trainings based on the truth of the Bible enhancing discernment and upright spirit in the contemporary world of Post modernism and social constructionism. ACC courses will also empower individuals to be the roles as salt and light of the world in their professions. It will be achieved by excellent and professional Christian disciplines of ACC. For that purpose ACC equipsthe individuals with people skills, Biblical knowledgeand implementation of the Word.

2. Educatio (Education)

For four years individuals will be trained with a professional and biblical knowledge and discipline including field experiences in Christian ministry. They also will be trained in leadership, communication and community work with people skills that can apply to families, churches and communities. The effective arrangements of student’s practicum with the quality of supervision in the course will also be a part of training.

3. Restauratio (Restoration)

The courses of ACC will help individuals find their problems or issues that can diminish their effectiveness in Christian professions. It will be dealt through personal development and development of spirituality that bring wholeness in Christian workers.

It will help Individuals to be mature in character and emotion. In addition, they will discover their life callings and God’s plans with new identity and new vision. In the whole process of the course, individuals will grow in restoration and they will be also able to help the restoration of their families and communities.