Our Vision

About Us



The ACC’s vision is to educate and facilitate restoration of individuals using Biblical truths, and to allow transformation of communities and families through that individual’s work.


The ACC’s mission is to train professional and effective workers by providing excellent professional education and practical training


ACC’s purpose is to provide student’s with professional education, practical training, structured learning, and excellent student support

1. Veritas (Truth)

Every course offered by the ACC is founded on Biblical principles. We believe in the foundational truths of the Bible and it’s relevance to every profession and area in life. The ACC’s aims to empower individuals to be the ‘salt and light’ of the world in their professional scope.

2. Educatio (Education)

The ACC believes in providing excellent education quality and is strongly founded in it’s belief of passing down knowledge effectively. The ACC prides itself on it’s excellent quality of education, and professional training we provide.

3. Restauratio (Restoration)

The ACC has a foundational focus on restoration. This encompasses renewal spiritually, emotionally, and restoration in a broader scope, within the community and society as a whole. This value also reflects the ACC’s continual effort to reinvent itself in constructive ways and grow in all aspects.