2023 ACC Free Online Special Lecture

ACC Free Online Special Lecture (Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM) I wish you all the best in gaining wisdom and living a happy life. January 24 Kang Seok-won, a psychotherapist, ‘Letting go – Healing the body and mind’ January 31 Prof. Seo Mi-jin, ‘Hope’ we must hold on to February 7 Professor Ki-Hwan Kim ‘Wrapping Pain’ February 14 Professor Cho Seong-hee ‘Motivational interviewing for change’ Zoom lecture link (Tuesday evening at 7:30: Sydney time, Korea time at 5:30 pm) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2217822501 Meeting ID: 221 782 2501 Passcode: 1234

ACC Church or Group Cooperation Campus

ACC Church or Group Cooperation Campus Recruitment

ACC Australian College of Christianity wants to operate the campus in cooperation with local churches and organizations. It is designed to be mutually beneficial for the church, the people, and the school to work together.

In any ministry, we support the ministry by linking it with our college’s course. We want to provide the benefits of study...

Theological education for lay people (low tuition fee, Astudy available)

Theological education for lay people (low tuition fee, Astudy available)

ACC Australian Christian University has opened a theological course for lay people to mature in their faith. An easy and inspiring theological course has been opened to help you grow in your faith and apply and practice your faith in your life. Tuition fees are very low, but study abroad is possible with a high-quality curriculum.

Golf major student recruitment (Sports Coaching Department opened)

Australian College of Christianity is recruiting golf major students.

We are looking for golf major students (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Study is possible. Currently, professional golf professors are ready. We plan to add sports events that meet the needs of students. Classes are available face-to-face and non-face-to-face. Practice at the golf course or exercise site for each sport.

I hope that it will become a...

Australian College of Christianity (Online available)

Australian Christian University has various courses. There were the existing Diploma of Counseling and Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling courses, which are the Faculty of Counseling, but more specialized courses have been added to the Faculty of Counseling. Furthermore, we are preparing various courses directly related to professional activities. In addition to low tuition fees, Earth Study (government subsidy for living expenses) is available in most departments.

Diploma of...

Korean Lifeline – Free (02 9858 5900) 24/7

Those who are struggling with various difficulties, such as difficulties in relationships with couples, children, or close people, addiction problems, depression, etc., call us and we hope that you will recover and lead a healthy and happy life.

We provide crisis counseling as well as more professional help. Certain paid services are also provided only to clients who want them.

Consultations are available at...

Charis College Ministry – update

Australian Christian University begins the ministry of running a counseling department in mission areas with full scholarships. Missionaries participating in this ministry are also supported with full scholarships.

As of now, courses for North Korean refugees have started in Japan, Mongolia, and in July, Thailand, Malaysia, and India will start. Indonesia, Mexico, and Argentina. Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Russia are also in coordination.

Australian College of Christianity pursuing change and inner growth

The Australian College of Christianity is undergoing a major change as we enter 2021 after 2020. The biggest change was the decision to be reborn as a College with a missionary vision rather than just focusing on education. The Australian Christian University, which has been blessed with many blessings while aiming for growth with God's grace, will start anew missionary work from the end of 2020.

First, as Charis...