Australian College of Christianity pursuing change and inner growth

Australian College of Christianity pursuing change and inner growth

The Australian College of Christianity is undergoing a major change as we enter 2021 after 2020. The biggest change was the decision to be reborn as a College with a missionary vision rather than just focusing on education. The Australian Christian University, which has been blessed with many blessings while aiming for growth with God’s grace, will start anew missionary work from the end of 2020.

First, as Charis College Ministry (Grace University Ministry), it is an expression of gratitude for “charis (grace) for possessing eternal life that is so precious and free to God. Start. Missionaries participating in this ministry are also supported with full scholarships. As of now, less than a month has passed since I started this ministry, so Japan and Thailand are preparing, and Argentina and Mongolia are preparing additionally. Cambodia and Vietnam are also under review, and Russia is also starting to talk. Through the program that nurtures Christian leaders not only in Asia, but also in Africa, Eastern Europe, South America, and India, good Christian ministers are produced, and in each missionary field, in the language of the mission field, recovery ministry and recovery of the soul, which restores families, communities, and nations. I pray that God will lead you. For the missionary vision, the name of the university is also under discussion to change to Charis instead of Christianity.

Second, the library for Canberra children on the Australian Christian University Canberra campus will open on January 20, 2021. For Canberra residents, this is great news, especially for Korean parents with children and children. These books will serve as a resource for Korean children to learn about their Korean identity and the world’s best language, the Korean language. Parent education will also be provided through various programs. Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

Third, every Tuesday at the end of the year 2020 and the new year 2021, special lectures that are open to everyone free of charge are being held as real-time online lectures. It is prepared with useful and interesting topics in life. We hope that the end of the year and the beginning of the new year will be filled with special times full of joy and gratitude.

Fourth, we are preparing courses that are Austudy (government subsidy for living expenses) with very low tuition by applying scholarships to Korean residents. Various courses are being prepared to meet the needs of Korean residents. We plan to prepare more by listening to the needs of our residents. So, the Australian Christian University will become a university that meets the needs of the Korean people and works together with them. In addition, additional scholarships are provided to ministers, their spouses and their families.

Fifth, information on various courses being prepared from 2021 is as follows. Australian Christian University places great importance on the quality of education. We have prepared courses that are fun and beneficial to life with quality education. The Australian Christian University, which was centered on counseling, also specialized in counseling and expanded it into specialized fields such as Mental Health (mental health) and Alcohol and Other Drugs (alcohol and drugs), and furthermore, the social welfare field, Individual Support ( Disability care), Ageing Support (senior care), and Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care (care for the pastoral and pastoral care) are social welfare areas that can provide direct care to the local community. In addition, through the Department of Sports, we have prepared a course where you can study various sports such as taekwondo, golf, bowling, swimming, and tennis under the guidance of an expert.

Sixth is the reconstruction of the Faculty of Theology. When the Australian Christian University was first registered with the government in 2014, the first major started as the Department of Biblical Studies as the Department of Theology. Theological subjects came into the spotlight as many good theological professors served our university while taking the ACT courses. So, in 2021, we will open the Theological Faculty and differentiate it from theological education, which builds only knowledge through academic study. The content of the Bible itself, the history behind the Bible, and the specific application of theology to life are emphasized. We are preparing variously from the lowest level of the undergraduate program to the graduate program. Study support is available.

Partnerships with local churches will work together to provide an applicable theological training to serve and work with the church. Thank you for your interest and cooperation.  02 6255 4597, 0402 140 905

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